Italian Double Consonants

Italian Double Consonants - easel Diphthong examples:...

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Italian Double Consonants In Italian, all consonants except  h  can be doubled. Double consonants ( i consonanti doppie ) are  pronounced much more forcefully than single consonants. With double  f, l, m, n, r, s,  and  v,  the sound is  prolonged; with double  b, c, d, g, p,  and  t,  the stop is stronger than for the single consonant. Double  z  is  pronounced almost the same as single z . Double  s  is always unvoiced. Double consonant examples: Italian English babbo dad fetta slice evviva hurrah bistecca beefsteak mamma mama albicocca apricot bello beautiful filetto filet anno year assai a lot basso short ragazzo boy ferro iron pennello paint brush espresso espresso coffee tavolozza palette spaghetti spaghetti cavalletto
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Unformatted text preview: easel Diphthong examples: Italian English ieri yesterday buono good fiore flower chiuso closed invidia envy pi more Tripthongs also exist. These are sequences of three vowels with a single sound, usually a diphthong followed by an unstressed i . Italian English tuoi yours miei mine buoi oxen pigliai I took Italian has numerous words that contain sequences of vowels. The following words are not triphthongs (which are infrequent), but sequences of a vowel and a diphthong. Italian English noia boredom febbraio February baia bay fioraio florist Each of the words below has a sequence of two diphthongs: Italian English ghiaia gravel muoio I die acquaio sink gioiello jewel...
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Italian Double Consonants - easel Diphthong examples:...

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