Italian-scuola - l'ora (or-a) - hour l'inglese...

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Italian - a scuola (at school) NOUNS la biblioteca (bib-lee-o-tek-a) - library la biologia (bee-o-lo-gee-a) - biology l'amico/la amica (ah-mee-ko, ah-mee-ka) - friend il cancellino (can-chel-lee-no) - chalkboard eraser il quaderno (kwa-der-no) - notebook la classe (klas-say) - class (people), classroom la lezione (let-zee-oh-ne) - class (lesson) il dizionario (dik-zee-o-nar-eeo) - dictionary il danaro (dah-nar-oh) - money i soldi (sol-dee) - money l'economia (eeko-nom-eea)- economics l'italiano (ee-tah-lya-no) - Italian lo studente (stoo-dehn-tay) - student (male) la studentessa (stoo-dehn-tays-sah) - student (female) lo scolaro/la scolara (sko-lah-roh, sko-lah-rah) - schoolboy, schoolgirl il banco (ban-koh) - desk la scuola (skwoh-la) - school la geografia (geeo-gra-fee-a) - geography
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Unformatted text preview: l'ora (or-a) - hour l'inglese (eeng-lay-seh) - English la matita (mah-tee-tah)- pencil il libro (lee-bro) - book la matematica (mat-ay-mat-ee-kah) - math la pagina (pa-gee-na) - page la carta (kar-tah) - paper la lavagna (lah-vah-nya) - chalkboard la penna (pen-nah) - pen l'orologio (oh-roh-lo-joe) - clock/watch il compito (kom-pee-toh) - homework il tempo (tehm-poh)- time il gesso (jehs-soh)- chalk l'universit (oo-nee-ver-see-tah)- university VERBS amare- to love ascoltare (as-kohl-tah-reh) - to listen studiare (stoo-dee-ah-reh) - to study parlare (par-lah-reh) - to speak/talk chiamare (kee-ah-mah-reh) - to call ritornare (ree-tor-nah-reh) - to return lavorare (lah-voh-rah-reh) - to work...
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Italian-scuola - l'ora (or-a) - hour l'inglese...

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