Italian1 - the dative a ADJECTIVES corto-a-i-e(korto short...

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Italian—must memorize!!!!!! INTERROGATIVES quale (kwahleh)- which quando (kwahndo) - when quanto(-a) (kwahnto) - how much quanti(-as) (kwahntee)- how many dove (doh-vay) - where perché (payr-kway) 1 - why che cosa (kay kohsah) - what chi (kee) - who CONJUNCTIONS perché (payr-kway) 1 - because e (ay) - and PREPOSITIONS a (ah) - at, to,
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Unformatted text preview: the dative a ADJECTIVES corto(-a, -i, -e) (korto) - short quarto(-a, -i, -e) (kwar-toh) - quarter (one-fourth) difficile (-i) (deef-fee-chee-lay) - difficult facile (-i) (fa-chee-lay) - easy lungo(-a, -hi, -he)- long largo(-a, -hi, -he)- wide, broad mezzo(-a, -i, -e) (metz-zoh) - half...
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