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Unformatted text preview: MATH 242 Analysis 1 (Fall, 2011) Assignment 1. Due in class Tuesday, 13 September. Instructions: Provide all details, and quote theorem numbers from the text if using results already covered in class. This assignment is out of 50 points, which is also the point total of questions 1-5. The subsequent starred questions (*) are more challenging and are often worth more points than a non-starred question. You may choose to do any set of questions from 1-8 whose points add up to 50. Submitting only a part of a question with several parts implies that you will still be marked on the complete question. If you submit a choice of questions with a total of MORE than 50 points, your point total will be scaled out of 50. 1. (10 pts.) Prove or disprove (using the axioms and definitions of Ch. 2 of the text) each of the following statements if a, b, c, d, x ∈ R : (i) ( − a )( − b ) = ab , (ii) − ( a/b ) = ( − a ) /b if b negationslash = 0, (iii) If 0 < a < b and 0 < c < d , then ac < bd , (iv)...
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