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A4 - wrong answer but use the right method Most questions...

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MATH 323 Assignment 4 Due Tuesday, March 20, by 5pm. Assignments can either be handed in in class on the due date or they can be placed in the counter slot on the 10 th floor of Burnside Hall no later than 5pm on the due date. Late assignments will not be marked. Please ensure that your assignment has on the front page: your printed name, your student number, the course number (MATH 323), and my name as course instructor (David Wolfson). An answer alone is not sufficient. It is important that you give your reasoning in a clear and concise way. This practice is also more likely to ensure that you will get part marks if you get the
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Unformatted text preview: wrong answer but use the right method. Most questions will be taken from the 7 th edition of Mathematical Statistics with Applications by Wackerley, Mendenhall and Scheaffer, which will be abbreviated to WMS. Q1. P98 #3.14 Q2. P99 #3.26 Q3. P119 # 3.71 Q4. Derive the mean and variance of the Poisson distribution Q5. P137 # 3.136 Q6. P137 # 3.141 (Hint: There are 24 trials) Q7. P167 # 4.8 Q8. P168 #4.14 (Do not do a). Do b) but do not graph F(y). Do c) and d) and add e) Find the mean and variance of Y....
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