Wendy Bradbury_AB 140_Unit 6_assignment

Wendy Bradbury_AB 140_Unit 6_assignment - there is no...

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Lei can apply the four step control process by first starting with the employee handbook. Lei would have to ensure that the handbook is updated and that everything they want in it is in proper place. By accomplishing this important step, Lei will then need to set the standards so that all future violations can then be measured against. Lei should then determine what worked and what didn’t work in the previous employee handbook. Lei’s next step in measuring each employees work performance is to evaluate each employee individually with the help of the managers. She will then need to let the employees know where they currently stand and what is to be expected of them from here on out. By doing this Lei needs to go back through and do a formal review on all employees. This review should consist the following information; their past work ethics such as correct reporting of hours worked, sick time, call offs and lateness. Lei should also outline all of the new changes so that
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Unformatted text preview: there is no confusion. For the third step, Lei should compare the employees work performance from the past to the present. She should then compare it with the updated handbook to determine the degree of differences. This will let Lei know how bad the differences were and what benefits the new employee hand book will have or the kind of impact it might have. The final step would be for Lei to take action against the store manager and the employee. I believe that the employee should have to work the hours that they already got paid for but didnt really work. As far as the manager goes, he should have never let this happen and should be held accountable for his actions. Lei should not take action against those items that were not clearly outlined in the outdated handbook, but from that point forward, every employee should have a clear understanding of what is to be expected of them and the consequences if they dont follow the employee hand book and policies....
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Wendy Bradbury_AB 140_Unit 6_assignment - there is no...

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