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Unformatted text preview: Strategic Human Strategic Resource Management Resource Paul L. Schumann, Ph.D. © 2011 by Paul L. Schumann. All rights reserved. 1 Strategic Decisions Where should we compete? • What industries, products, locations, …? How should we compete? • What criteria: cost, product features, quality, reliability, …? With what should we compete? • What gives us competitive advantage? 2 Competitive Advantage Unique, sustainable, hard to copy: • • • • • • • Product or service Production or inventory methods Distribution methods Marketing methods Financing methods Information management methods Human resource management 3 Link HRM & Strategy Administrative linkage One­way linkage Two­way linkage Integrative linkage 4 Generic Strategies (Porter) Cost Leadership Strategy • • • Control overhead and other costs Use efficient, large­scale facilities Exploit the experience curve Differentiation Strategy • Differentiate through unique technology, features, customer service, brand image, etc. 5 Directional Strategies External growth • Mergers & acquisitions (“M&A”) Horizontal (M&A involving competitors) Vertical (M&A involving the supply chain) Internal growth • New products, new markets, innovation Concentration (focus, niche) • Cut costs, grow market share in niche Downsizing / divesting 6 Transforming the HRM Function Customers Products Methods 7 Measuring HRM Effectiveness Audit approach • Measure key indicators & customer satisfaction Analytic approach • Cost / benefit analysis 8 Improving HRM Effectiveness Restructure HRM: • • • HRM Centers for Expertise (specialists) HRM Field Generalists (dual reporting) HRM Service Center (specialists) Outsource HRM Process redesign/reengineering HRM Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) 9 ...
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