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Unformatted text preview: Hiring Paul L. Schumann, Ph.D. © 2011 by Paul L. Schumann. All rights reserved. 1 Employment Discrimination Equal Pay Act • Pay discrimination based on sex 2 Employment Discrimination Civil Rights Act: Title VII • Employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin 3 Employment Discrimination Age Discrimination in Employment Act • Employment discrimination based on age (if 40 or older) 4 Employment Discrimination Americans with Disabilities Act • Employment discrimination based on disability Disability: substantially limits one or more major life activities 5 Types of Discrimination Disparate treatment: treat people differently based on a protected characteristic • Employer’s defenses: Show a legitimate nondiscriminatory reason for the employment decision Show that a particular religion, sex, or national origin is a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) 6 Types of Discrimination Disparate impact (adverse impact): neutral practices disproportionately disqualify members of protected groups • Employer’s defense: Show that the challenged practice is job­related or a business necessity 7 Affirmative Action Who? • • Federal contractors (EO 11246 & 11375) Voluntary How? • Identify problem areas: utilization vs. availability analysis • Develop remedies: Goals & timetables, with action steps to achieve goals Can’t be an absolute bar to the majority 8 Enforcement Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) • 9 Recruiting Recruit a pool of well­qualified applicants for the position • • • What are the essential qualifications? What is the relevant labor market? How can we communicate with well­qualified people in the relevant labor market? 10 10 Selection Methods Purpose: get information on each applicant’s qualifications Selection method standards: • • • • • Reliability Validity Generalizability Utility Legality 11 11 Selection Methods Interviews • Structured interviews Ask only job­relevant questions Questions styles: • Good: Future­oriented (situational interview) “What would you do if ….” • Better: Experienced­based (behavioral interview) “Tell me about a time when ….” Answers are numerically rated Optional: Use multiple, trained interviewers 12 12 Selection Methods References • Always check references Otherwise, risk of negligent hiring • Provide accurate information that can be documented Otherwise, risk of: • Defamation of character • Negligent misrepresentation 13 13 Selection Methods Physical Ability Tests • Be sure the physical ability being tested is truly job­relevant • Monitor for adverse impact • Consider possible reasonable accommodations Cognitive Ability Tests • Monitor for adverse impact 14 14 Selection Methods Personality Inventories • Big 5 Dimensions of Personality: Extroversion: sociable, talkative, expressive Adjustment: stable, non­depressed, secure Agreeableness: courteous, trusting, tolerant, cooperative, forgiving Conscientiousness: dependable, persevering, thorough Inquisitiveness: curious, imaginative 15 15 Selection Methods Work Samples • Job­specific Honesty & Integrity Tests • Personality­Oriented Integrity Tests Low adjustment, low agreeableness, & low conscientiousness more likely to engage in counter­productive work behaviors • Overt Integrity Tests 16 16 Selection Methods Drug Tests • Part of pre­employment medical exam After making job offer contingent on passing • Potential concern: false accusations 17 17 Selection Methods Interviews Reference checks Physical ability tests Cognitive ability tests Personality inventories Work­sample tests Honesty & integrity tests Drug tests 18 18 ...
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