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MGT501 MODULE 6-Reflective Essay

MGT501 MODULE 6-Reflective Essay - Running head REFLECTIVE...

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Running head: REFLECTIVE ESSAY 1 Reflective Essay – Integration and Reflection TUI University March 26, 2012
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REFLECTIVE ESSAY 2 Reflective Essay – Integration and Reflection Simply, organizational behavior relies heavily on effective leadership, which is the relationship between leaders or managers and their subordinates. Leaders must give an extra effort to reach out to their subordinates to initiate, develop, and strengthen an alliance between the two. Such a bond is critical to the achievement of corporate goals and objectives. Additionally, understanding that leaders will face special challenges as they try to communicate and interact with personnel is a critical aspect for subordinates. Also, leaders who begin to use force, coercion, and manipulation must later use more force, coercion, and manipulation precisely because their ability to influence - truly lead - is diminished. In the military, leadership often feels it necessary to use such tactics in getting soldiers to execute tasks. But I am quickly learning that good leaders are well balanced in that they strive to know the individual personalities of their subordinates while still remaining focused on achieving goals. Basically, no leader can be successful in influencing the behavior of other people unless those followers trust the leader. The
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