MKT501 CASE3-Branding Strategies for New Hires (Memo)

MKT501 CASE3-Branding Strategies for New Hires (Memo) -...

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MEMORANDUM To: TUI University Dr. Thomas Matula From: Mikel A. Stovall Consultant Subject: Branding Strategy to Attract New Hires Date: September 9, 2011 The purpose of this memo is to make three recommendations relating to branding strategies to attract new hires. It is essential that your organization hire high quality employees. Such personnel are assets to the company because they will provide your firm with the technical expertise and professional background needed for corporate success. Furthermore, candidates are more partial to listening to your needs, take initiative, and are more responsive adding character to the corporate objectives and goals. Word and Design Association The first recommendation of the branding strategy is to use the first word from your company’s name and combine it with a design. The use of your company name assists in confirming the credibility. Using the color green is strongly recommended with this strategy as it is more likely to connect with environmentally conscious job applicants. The use of your company’s name and credibility also promotes a sense of loyalty with candidates. Furthermore, the company’s name, symbol, and design will motivate those applicants who are familiar with your organization’s
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MKT501 CASE3-Branding Strategies for New Hires (Memo) -...

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