MKT501 MOD6-Reflective Essay

MKT501 MOD6-Reflective Essay - marketing trends Some areas...

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Running head: REFLECTIVE ESSAY 1 Reflective Essay – Integration and Reflection Mikel A. Stovall TUI University 3/26/12
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REFLECTIVE ESSAY 2 Reflective Essay – Integration and Reflection Some major concepts and knowledge I gained as a result of the Marketing 501 course were that when it comes to marketing trends, certain motivating factors influence consumer behavior including social environment, product brands, store names, financial means, and customer needs. When organizations satisfy consumer needs, consumers are motivated to purchase the entity’s products or services. Furthermore, if the service or product being purchased is reliable and competitively priced organizations often earn loyal and long standing customer relations. In evaluating work conducted for the course, I understood the material and assignments presented very well. My approach was to research and write on companies I patronized regularly. Writing on vendors I often frequented made the assignments more interesting for me and provided in depth tools and knowledge concerning each company’s
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Unformatted text preview: marketing trends. Some areas in which I could have performed better included writing stronger conclusions and be more concise relative to generalities in my work product. Marketing was more difficult for me to apply in my workplace since I serve as a Soldier in the U.S. Army. Most of knowledge concerning marketing came from previous world experience. Even so I took advantage of every opportunity to visit my base’s various vendors and get more insight into consumer behavior. More so, I found myself being careful about various purchases and my personal shopping trends. I also paid more attention to advertisements and saw in many areas how easily individuals could become tempted with various marketing media. REFLECTIVE ESSAY 3 Measurement values for the future will include more awareness of shopping trends and market propaganda. Lastly, I believe that I achieved all course objectives and was very pleased with the course and instructor....
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MKT501 MOD6-Reflective Essay - marketing trends Some areas...

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