MODULE 3 BUS599 CASE - 1 TUI University Transformation By...

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, TUI University Transformation By Robert Felder BUS 599 MBA Integrative Project Dr. Stuart Rosenberg, Professor Module 3, Case Assignment November 17, 2008 1
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Model are as follows: “external environment, mission and strategy, leadership, organizational culture, structure, management practices, systems, work unit, and individual and organizational performance. With the external environment variable is considered the input and the output is the individual and organization performance.”(Falletta, 2005) Each of the variables work with each other to make sure the variables compliment each other. For example as we just mention the external environment manages the input, but the mission and strategy must be understood by all, as well as the leadership styles in the organizational culture must be accepted by all employees to make the individual and organizational performance has a successful output. It is management that makes this all happened, having the right skilled employees and managers put a mission together. “External environment is any outside condition or situation that influences the performance of the organization (e.g., marketplaces, world financial conditions, political /.governmental circumstances). Being that the external environment controls the input, it is apparent that our organization is now is a transactional mode due to the economic conditions of the world and with the United States being on the verge of having a recession. The other major factor that effects the external environment variable is the current change in our country’s political environment with a newly elected President and other government leadership, during a time change when our country is still fighting two wars in two separate countries(Afghanistan and Iraq). The structure is not very stable in my opinion due to the very stressful economic situation that seemingly is growing worst each day. 2
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MODULE 3 BUS599 CASE - 1 TUI University Transformation By...

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