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MODULE 5 BUS599 CASE - 1 TUI University Feedback Loops By...

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TUI University Feedback Loops By Robert Felder BUS 599 MBA Integrative Project Dr. Stuart Rosenberg, Professor Module 5, Case Assignment December 16, 2008 1
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The two feedback loops that I will describe in this paper are the balancing and reinforcing loops. Feedback is very imperative for any organization to be successful, it quickly enhances the results of the output or outcome to the users of the product, and allows the organization to make changes that will make the products or services more customers friendly. “The world has become increasingly interconnected, and endogenous feedback causal loops now dominate the behavior of the important variables in our social and economic systems.” (Larsen, McInerney, Nyquist, Santos, and Silsbee, 1996) Now the ideal of System Thinking is a change in the culture of an organization that leads its employees and employers to improve individual learning by causing people to look at the whole system, and by giving the skills and tools to enable all to observe a behavior at the workplace. This is imperative for L3 to continue to be a success in the defense industry and to continue to serve our military services as it has for many many conflicts successfully. The employees and employers must clearly understand that they are able to think and make changes freely and make a difference to the platform they are working to serve our great armed forces service members. “The arms race is an example of reinforcing (or positive or amplifying) feedback. Not only do more foreign arms increase U.S. arms, but more U.S. arms also tend to provoke increases in foreign arms.” (Larsen, McInerney, Nyquist, Santos, and Silsbee,
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