MODULE 5 BUS599 SLP - 1 , TUI University Feedback Loops By...

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, TUI University Feedback Loops By Robert Felder BUS 599 MBA Integrative Project Dr. Stuart Rosenberg, Professor Module 5, Session Long Project December 14, 2008 1
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After running the simulation four separate times, this first was tremendous tool that should be used by all organizations, because it provided me with a quick reference to ideals that I would like to see in an organization. I would like to see employees that are willing to make a difference, experiments with new simulation models as the tool that was used during this exercise during these Session Long Projects. Using the simulation for three separate case models, which were labels as X5, X6 and X7. What we found out initially that all three products were accepted by the customers, and that was the issue the the concern was the products ability to compete with like item competitors, and if the loss of revenue was evident in the product. The description of the products were as follows: The X5 cost $250 and was a plastic case and was excepted by the customers the three years its been on the market; the X6 cost $400 and is the most expensive of the three models, however it is in a flat metal case and customers did care about its performance as it has been on the market for only two years; and the final model was the X7 which is the cheapest of the three at a cost of $200, and is in a color case that customer like however it has been on the market for only one year. What I did through all four simulations I changed the dollar amount or discontinued a model each of the simulations that we ran. With those two variables changing what we found out were that the system advisor made several recommendations for each change and I will tell each recommendation and show my preference for the simulation I think I would recommend to the team. The product lifecycle are very important in making decisions on which of the
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MODULE 5 BUS599 SLP - 1 , TUI University Feedback Loops By...

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