MODULE 2 MGT 509 SLP 10 Feb 08

MODULE 2 MGT 509 SLP 10 Feb 08 - 1 Robert Felder;...

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Robert Felder; [email protected] Employee Training and Development MGT 509 Dr. Fitzgerald; [email protected] Dr. Stephens; [email protected] Session Long Project Module 2 10 February, 2008 1
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After taken the DISC tests I discovered several things that I would agree with and several things I would not agree with in reference with my personality on this test. Managers and leaders know themselves and strive for constant real time evaluation on self at least that is how most leaders are in the military. “The DISC test apparently has at least 23 versions but it was said that most of the versions are very similar. This test is short, usually around 18-25 sets of questions. Some offer single word choices, other sentences or phrases. The big difference between this version, produced by and all the others, is that this one costs absolutely nothing.”(DISC. Htm) “Instrumental learning is the ability to behave in a new situation in a way that has been learned in other similar situations in the.”(Christian Balkenius, 1996). This method has also been noted as a successful way to increase self-awareness of interpersonal skills/behaviors. Instrumental in learning especially suited for increasing self awareness related to a single theme; e.g. communication, listening, feedback, coaching style, leadership, etc.(Rick Brocato,2003). “This learning approached helps people explore across four primary dimensions:
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MODULE 2 MGT 509 SLP 10 Feb 08 - 1 Robert Felder;...

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