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MGT 599 Case 1, 6 MAY 08

MGT 599 Case 1, 6 MAY 08 - 1 MGT 599 Module 1 Case...

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MGT 599, Module 1 Case Assignment Starbucks I. Executive Summary II. The Challenge III. Situation Analysis IV. SWOT Analysis V. Conclusion Starbucks is more then a brand name for a coffee shop, it is one of the places that have developed a social environment of its own. When people think of coffee, Starbuck is the first place that comes across their minds. “The CEO of Starbucks aims to triple annual sales, to $23.3 billion and maintain its entrepreneurial character. The company also plans to have 40,000 stores worldwide; up from the 13,500 they have today, by 2012.”(Helm, 2007) Just as with any successful organization from our military to companies across the world they have to stand for something, and that something is what they are about and who they are will be placed in their mission statement and vision. The Mission Statement has to show the basic purpose of the organization , the why for what they are trying to do, and can be made up with goals and measurements to see if they are hitting what they said they would and wanted to do. Most goals however are qualitative, telling the customer or the target/ or segmented group the level of how they want there product to effect them. When a financial goal is used as a measurement for goal success or failure, then the quantitative is used. 1
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Starbuck mission statement strikes me as one that shows they intend to be the best in the world. Starbucks mission statement says this, “They intend to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining its uncompromising principles as they grow.”(starbucks.com) Starbucks has to know what the customers want, they have to continually think outside of the box and have the right people to make sure they are continually improving their products. Just as wineries have to adjust their taste and types of wines they produce so must Starbucks. As we all have seen, everyone has a coffee to sell, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, and Crispy Crème all sell products and claim they have the best. You can even
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MGT 599 Case 1, 6 MAY 08 - 1 MGT 599 Module 1 Case...

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