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Kelsey High School 1 Kelsey High School Nicole Mills XMGT/216 12/18/2011 Karen Heyse
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Kelsey High School 2 Kelsey High School Kelsey High School is the fictional organization that has chosen for the hypothetical ethics program. The following paragraphs will describe Kelsey High School’s ethical organizational profile. Succeeding the profile, three current moral and ethical issues faced by Kelsey High School will be explained. Kelsey High School is a typical secondary school offering a wide range of classes and programs to provide students with opportunities. Electives, advanced placement, and honors courses are available to qualifying students. In addition to higher-level classes, the school provides special education and English Immersion Studies for those who primarily speak another language at home. Kelsey High School currently has 2,000 students enrolled from freshman to senior level. Kelsey High School is located in an up-and-coming community and expected to grow in student population. Classrooms are handicapped accessible and maximize the space available. The teaching staff at Kelsey High School has had a few hurdles to overcome. However, all the teachers at the school enjoy the subjects they teach and share a common goal of providing a quality education to their students. The current administration has experienced minimal ethical and moral issues. However, because of the increasing number of student enrollments, the principle has decided to incorporate an ethics program to help reduce the number of incidents the school will experience in the future. The following paragraphs will explain current ethical scenarios the school has
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NMILLS_XMGT216_WK6_ASSIGN-2 - Kelsey High School 1 Kelsey...

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