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Developing Good Business Sense 1 Developing Good Business Sense Nicole Mills BUS/210 02/20/2011 Hari Widjaja
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Developing Good Business Sense 2 Developing Good Business Sense Companies use various operating systems to become more efficient and reduce production costs. The types of systems implemented depend on the nature of the company. This paper will discuss three distinct companies: Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, and Apple. These particular companies were chosen because they are all industry leaders. This paper will further examine how employees perform tasks, the nature of each operating system, operations and materials management costs and affects, as well as how each company has designed their operating system to give them a competitive advantage. Each company illustrated in this paper are retailers that sell a specific type of product. However, employees perform much different tasks. For instance, the task of an employee of a Barnes and Noble store will include finding books for customers, checking stock of other locations, ordering a book that is out of stock, etc. However, there are many other positions within Barnes and Noble such as merchandising. This person is in charge of selecting and ordering the most popular books and products. Although Apple sells a specific product, an employee’s duties are much different from Barnes and Noble. An associate at an Apple retail store will explain various products, answer consumer questions, trouble shoot problems, perform one on one instruction, and much more. Out side of the stores Apple employs people with tremendous innovative skills to develop new products, make updates to existing products, hire staff to assemble these products and so on. A Starbucks associate has a different role entirely. Their duties include taking and filling individual’s customized beverage order. There
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NMILLS_BUS_WK8ASSIGN - Developing Good Business Sense 1...

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