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Two men and a Truck, owned by Mary Sheets, has been incredibly successful because of her motivation. Although the article did not specify her motivation, it appears that she set goals for herself. First Mary purchased a truck, left her job to run her company full time, and then decided to franchise her business. She also possessed some of Maslow’s Needs of Hierarchy theories. She possessed the desire for personal self- fulfillment. She also secured physiological needs for herself, such as income. Her approach to creating a high-performing team was her dedication to maintaining a high standard of customer service, uses negative comments as opportunities, and receives most of her business through word of mouth, which eliminates the need for much advertising. The Siemens case study includes many motivational theories. The employees of Siemens were probably motivated by the expectancy theory. Jobs were on the line because investors wanted to cut the medical equipment unit. Because many workers
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