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ETH 125 / Mid-term Class start date: April 26, 2010 Due: Week 5, Day 7 Part I – Terminology: Multiple choice (possible 50 points, 2 pts. each) Match key terms with their correct descriptions: Note : Some descriptions were adapted from Richard Schaefer’s Racial and Ethnic Groups , 10th ed., 2006. Key Terms: World Systems Theory, Ethnic Slur, Civil Disobedience, Conflict Perspective, Transnationals, Blended Identity, Stereotype, Abolitionists, Informal Economy, Nativism, Ethnocentrism, Panethnicity, Brain Drain, Remittances, Naturalization, Stratification, Reparations, Class, Gerrymandering, Orientalism, Racial Formation, Amalgamation, Racial Profiling, Subordinate, Xenophobia Description Key Term In sociology, this term means the same as minority. subordinate This term denotes a structured ranking of groups that perpetuates unequal rewards and power in society. stratification This is a sociological approach that assumes social structures are best understood in terms of conflict or tension between competing groups. conflict perspective This term describes a view of the global economic system as divided between nations that control wealth and those that provide natural resources and labor. world systems theory This concept describes the development of solidarity between ethnic subgroups. panethnicity This notion assumes that one’s culture and way of life is superior to all others. ethnocentrism An unreliable generalization about all members of a group, failing to take into account individual differences. stereotype This term describes any police-initiated action based on race, ethnicity or national origin rather than conduct. racial profiling Concept describing the transfer of money, goods or services that are not reported to the government. This may include unreported income of chidcare services, craftspeople and street vendors. informal economy This term describes fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners. xenophobia Term used to describe beliefs and policies favoring native-born citizens over immigrants. nativism
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NMILLS_ETH_MIDTERM - ETH 125 Mid-term Class start date Due...

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