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1 Arab and Muslims Nicole Mills ETH/125 01/26/2011 Christine Stuart
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2 Arabs and Muslims The difference between Muslims and Arabs is that Arabs are an ethnic group and Muslim is a form of religion. Terrorist attacks have fueled some American citizens to become anti-Arab and anti-Muslim. The USA PATRIOT Act passed in October 2001… has specific provisions condemning discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans (Schaefer, 2006). Schaefer (2006) stated. “ For many people in the United States, the mosque does not represent religious freedom and diversity or even a curiosity but a foreign threat in yet another example of Orientalism” (p.290). Other characteristics of Orientalism would include the way in which some of the women wear clothing, such as the drape over their heads. Schaefer (2006) stated. “A worldview of Orientalism suggest an inherent conflict between Christians and Muslims, the two faiths are similar in many ways” (p. 287).
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Unformatted text preview: A couple of distinguishing attributes to Orientalism are inscrutability, religious extremism and being backward culturally, scientifically and in technology (Yahoo, 2011). Many individuals fear cultures they do not understand. People generally do not try to understand other cultures; this is what causes most hate crimes against Arabs and Muslim groups. Individuals can promote tolerance in their communities by educating others. People must understand that the Arab and Muslim communities are not behind what terrorists have done. The terrorists attacks carried out in previous years, just like any other American citizen, horrified the majority of Arab and Muslim citizens. Arabs & Muslims 3 References Schaefer, R. T. (2006). Racial and Ethnic Groups (10th ed.). : Prentice-Hall. Yahoo. (2011). associatedcontent . Retrieved from http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1210466/characteristics_of_orientalism_preju dice.html...
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NMILLS_ETH_CKPT_WK5 - A couple of distinguishing attributes...

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