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After completing the IQ test and receiving my score, I was surprised at how low the score was. I took an IQ test in the past prior to having a job interview. Although they did not tell me the score, the lady said I had done really well. I assumed that I had a slightly above average intelligence level. However, that test was much longer. I do not think it is accurate to compare my skills to that of others in various parts of the country and by their age. Because the score is altered it can be in your favor or against you, either way an altered score is not accurate. How can points be taken away or added just because of your age, demographics, or gender? None of these characteristics should be used against a person’s test score. I believe that the test was biased because it said at the end with the results that the score had been altered due to my age and demographics. I have to admit I do not fully understand how the IQ test measures a person’s true intelligence. You can do better on
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Unformatted text preview: one test than another with similar questions. However, when the results were displayed, and it said that the score had been altered, I was immediately concerned. By the wording, it sounded to me that older people are smarter and that a person in one part of the country is generally smarter than a person in another region. I personally do not care to be compared to others. I believe that we are all different in our own ways. A person with high communication skills, perfect for a certain position can be passed up for someone with horrible communication skills if they scored high on their IQ test. An IQ test could be beneficial for some employers depending on the position, therefore, essential in order to compare potential employees. In this case, I would not mind being compared. But it certainly does not feel good to have my intelligence level compared to others. Personally, the test made me feel inferior too others....
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