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The article I chose was Predicting Women’s Well-Being in Midlife: The Importance of Personality Development and Social Role Involvements. I chose the article because I found the title to be interesting. I wanted to learn more about the development of women’s personalities because this information would pertain to me. The article suggests that women’s personality and social role can predict her well-being. Women with college educations were the subjects of two studies, which is another reason the article intrigued me. Both role quality and personality maturity were crucial components to a women’s well-being. It was also discovered that occupational roles are more important in the beginning stages of adulthood rather then in midlife. “S pecifically, early adult management of multiple roles may facilitate identity development, which in turn may enhance the capacity not only for other personality developments such as generativity but also for the choice and maintenance of satisfying roles” (Vandewater, 1997). As the
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