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After working in mattress sales for several months I began to notice four types of consumers. As a customer would walk in, I would warmly greet them attempting to make them feel at home. Then ask them to try four sample comforts to narrow our search to a particular feel of mattress. Throughout the sales process, I would ask them specific questions and observe them to come to a conclusion on what type of customer they were. I would categorize as a specialist, investor, haven seeker, or replenisher. A specialist made up the largest percentage of my customer base. They usually had sleeping problems and required comfort and solutions to their individual needs. The second largest customer base was the haven seeker. This person was interested in comfort and the details of the mattress. They were the people that talked about their bedroom being their get away room of the house. They paid close attention to the appearance of the mattress. The third
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Unformatted text preview: customer, who made up about a quarter of the customers is a replenisher. They were just there to fill a need. They were interested in two things, price and the durability of the bed. The last category made up less than ten percent of all my customers. These customers were the investor. They were interested in three things: price, durability, and prestige. These are the people that came in wearing high dollar name brand handbags and watches. The strategies I used can be compared to naturalistic observation and survey research, two commonly used methods of psychologists. Throughout my time with the company, I incorporated several sales strategies provided by an extensive training program as well as researching sales books on my own. Those strategies combined with speaking my customer’s language, resulted in higher monthly sales without adding pressure onto the customer. My only regret is that I did not figure out these strategies sooner....
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