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11 Government system

11 Government system - CIVL6049 Urban Development...

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1 CIVL6049 Urban Development Management by Engineering Approach Chap. 11 Government and Political System (29.4.2003) Purpose: To provoke thinking about the optimum government structure Approach: Describe outline of current government structure from the systems viewpoint Recap. Government role and specific function in urban development Point out the possibilities of optimum decision not being attained under current government structure. Introduction 1. Let us begin with a brief recap. of the typical urban development process. It illustrates 3 functions performed by the government. A. Strategic Planning: Identify dev. needs, Formulate Dev. Strategy and implementation plan Identify works to be undertaken by the public and private sectors B. Provision of Infrastructure & Community Facilities: Design new works Acquire land & other resources required to implement the new works Construct & maintain Manage use of new works C. Regulating Private Works: Set standards on planning, design, construction, use and maintenance of works License statutory agents Enforce the standards A is the foundation of all dev. works. The extent that this function is performed within the government reflects the philosophy of government. It can range from full-fledge central planning to relying entirely on private think-tanks. In Hong Kong, the government tends to take up the planning role more actively in the last 3 decades. The provision of public goods and services is traditionally one of the principal functions of the government. But as the private sector has become more willing and more capable to take up this role (B above), more and more such works are so undertaken. The government assumes the roles of a facilitator to guide private works towards the objectives of the overall plan derived from A. The dual role of government's B and C necessitates the separation of power at the highest level so that any accidental oversight can be more easily checked. In fact, even in performing the provider's role B, a government department has to act on the one
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2 Funding Allocation hand, like any other developers when dealing with private individuals (e.g. in land acquisition or compliance with EIA requirements), and on the other hand, act as a government agency in the use of public funds. Hence adequate checks and balance is essential in the government structure. For operational efficiency and effectiveness in civil service management, the government's executive department's are organised by the nature and process of work. The overall work process of urban dev. is illustrated in Fig 1A, Fig 1B and C illustrate the provider and regulatory functions.
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11 Government system - CIVL6049 Urban Development...

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