Realizing HK's development vision

Realizing HK's development vision - HKAESs Response to...

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HKAES’s Response to Planning Department’s Stage 3 Public Consultation in HK2030 Study Realizing Hong Kong’s Development Vision Introduction 1. Hong Kong has set the vision of continuing development as a major world city. This requires continued improvement to the quality of living and maintaining appropriate economic activities. Both factors are necessary to sustain Hong Kong as a major international city. 2. Quality is of great importance to Hong Kong’s future, both in functional, cultural and symbolic dimensions. These qualities should reflect Hong Kong’s unique position as the melting pot of Chinese and foreign cultures. However, quality is a subjective issue. As much as possible should be left to the private sector to decide within a broad land use framework which must however be set by the Government. 3. Sound economy is essential to ensure resource availability. Government has identified four pillar industries as Hong Kong’s economic base, and has also pointed out integration with the Pearl River Delta (PRD) as the general direction forward. These are the basis for planning Hong Kong’s economic infrastructure for servicing both regional and territorial activities. 4. In this note we will present our views on future development needs, options and strategy and develop our discussions from the viewpoint of feasibility and adaptability. Our comments are mainly on how to derive the strategy of key infrastructure and land use development, and how to ensure smooth implementation of the strategy. We will also comment on several specific development issues critical to the success of the strategy.
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- 2 - General Comments 5. We fully support the Government’s decision to formulate a long-term physical development strategy with planning horizon to the year 2030. The strategy is the essential framework to guide the consistent implementation of physical urban development works. The implementation process includes not only plan preparation and engineering construction, but also periodic review of development needs and the corresponding adjustment of the strategy. Without such a long-term reference framework, construction works can easily stray into inconsistency under public pressure to respond to short-term fluctuations in the external conditions that are inevitable during the long lead time of physical development plan. Indeed, Hong Kong’s situation today is comparable to that of 20 years ago when the 1 st TDS was promulgated. Thus the present planning horizon is reasonable. 6. We fully endorse the 4-stage consultation framework adopted for the HK2030 study by the Planning Department. This represents the logical progression from development vision through planning objectives, issues and evaluation criteria to development options and strategy. In fact, we have high regard for Government’s open approach in inviting public participation in a wide spectrum of studies of planning issues. Looking back, this is a considerable advancement in public
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Realizing HK's development vision - HKAESs Response to...

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