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Postgraduate Curriculum _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Department of Civil Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG 1 Course Title: Advanced water and wastewater treatment Course Code: CIVL6006 Lecturer(s): Prof. H.H.P. Fang Year: 2005-06 Level: M.Sc. Lecture Hours: 32.5 hours Tutorial Hours: Laboratory Hours: Examination Hours: 2 hours Other Hours: - Pre-requisite: Co-requisite: Course Objectives To introduce water/wastewater characteristics, drinking water standards, and effluent discharge standards; to teach various advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies. Course Syllabus Calendar Entry Water/wastewater characteristics and standards; coagulation/flocculation; sedimentation and filtration; membrane separation; adsorption; chemical oxidation; disinfection; biological removal of organic pollutants and nutrient.
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Unformatted text preview: Course Contents water/wastewater characteristics and standards 5.0 hours coagulation/flocculation 2.5 hours sedimentation and filtration 2.5 hours membrane separation 2.5 hours adsorption 2.5 hours chemical oxidation 2.5 hours disinfection 2.5 hours biological organic and nutrient removal 5.0 hours novel treatment processes 7.5 hours Textbook: nil; based on text notes and selected material from references References: 1. Updated publications by Water Supply Department and Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong SAR Government. 2. Wastewater Engineering: Treatment, Disposal and Reuse . Metcalf Eddy, McGill. 3. Water Treatment Principles and Design . by Montgomery Consulting Engineers, Wiley. Coursework: Each student is expected to investigate a new water and wastewater treatment technology, and to submit a written report and to give an oral presentation. Assessment: Type Percentage of Total (%) Description Written examination 75% Coursework 25%...
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