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Postgraduate Curriculum _________________________________________________________________________________________ Course Title: Long-span structures Course Code: CIVL6032 Lecturer(s): Prof. T.Y. Ho / Prof. C.K. Lau (Coordinator: Dr. F.T.K. Au) Year: 2005-06 Level: M.Sc. Lecture Hours: 32.5 hours Tutorial Hours: Laboratory Hours: Examination Hours: 2 hours Other Hours: - Pre-requisite: Co-requisite: Course Objectives To introduce structural behaviour, design concepts, and construction methods of long-span structures. Course Syllabus Calendar Entry Design strategies for long-span structures; arches; domes; cable-supported structures; suspension and cable-stayed bridges; space frames; membrane structures; hyperbolic paraboloids. Course Contents Design strategies for long-span structures 5.0 hours Arches 4.0 hours Domes 3.5 hours Cable-supported structures 4.0 hours Suspension and cablestayed structures
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Unformatted text preview: 5.0 hours Space frames 3.5 hours Membrane structures 4.0 hours Hyperbolic paraboloids 3.5 hours Textbook: References: 1. Billington, David P. Thin Shell Concrete Structures , 2 nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1982 2. Otto, Frei. Tensile Structures , MIT Press, 1969. 3. Ishii, Kazuo. Membrane Structures in Japan , SPS Publishing Company, 1995. 4. Irvine Max. Cable Structures , Dover Publications, 1981. 5. Taiyo Kogyo Corp. Membrane Structures , 1991. 6. Schueller, Wolfgang. The Design of Building Structures , Prentice-Hall, 1996. Coursework: A design project for long-span structures on group or individual basis. Assessment: Type Percentage of Total (%) Description Written examination 60% Coursework 40% Design project _________________________________________________________________________________________ Department of Civil Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG 1...
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