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Postgraduate Curriculum _________________________________________________________________________________________ Course Title: Probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering Course Code: CIVL6036 Lecturer(s): Year: 2005-06 Level: M.Sc. Lecture Hours: 32.5 hours Tutorial Hours: Laboratory Hours: Examination Hours: 2 hours Other Hours: - Pre-requisite: Co-requisite: Course Objectives To provide a solid foundation on the application of probabilistic methods to real geotechnical problems. Course Syllabus Calendar Entry Introduction to probability theory; Bayesian methods and subjectivity; methods for site investigation and design parameters; probabilistic design; risk; QRA method and application. Course Contents Role of probability in Civil Engineering
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Unformatted text preview: 2.5 hours Basic concepts of probability 5.0 hours Random variables and their distributions 5.0 hours Joint distributions 2.5 hours Point and interval estimation 2.5 hours Hypothesis testing 3.75 hours Regression 5.0 hours Analysis of variable 3.75 hours Non parametric tests 2.5 hours Textbook: References: 1. Probability concepts in Engineering Planning and Design, Vol. I, by Ang and Tang. 2. Probability and Statistics for Engineers by I. Millers, J.E. Freund and R.A. Johnson. Coursework: Assessment: Type Percentage of Total (%) Description Written examination 100% Coursework __________________________________________________________________________________________ Department of Civil Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG 1...
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