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Postgraduate Curriculum _________________________________________________________________________________________ Course Title: Tall buildings structures Course Code: CIVL6045 Lecturer(s): Prof. A.K.H. Kwan Year: 2005-06 Level: M.Sc. Lecture Hours: 32.5 hours Tutorial Hours: Laboratory Hours: Examination Hours: 2 hours Other Hours: - Pre-requisite: Co-requisite: Course Objectives To teach students various structural forms for tall buildings, their general behaviour and how should they be designed. Course Syllabus Calendar Entry Coupled shear/core walls; coupling effects of beams and slabs; finite element analysis of building structures; wall-frame interaction; framed-tube structures; tube-in-tube structures; outrigger braced structures; shear lag effects in core walls. Course Contents Introduction to tall buildings structures 2.5 hours
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Unformatted text preview: Coupled planar walls 3.5 hours Coupled nonplanar walls 4.0 hours Coupling effects of beams and slabs 3.5 hours Finite element/stripe analysis 4.0 hours Wall-frame interaction 3.5 hours Framed-tube and tube-in-tube structures 4.0 hours Outrigger braced structures 2.5 hours Shear lag effects in buildings 2.5 hours Revision/tutorial 2.5 hours Textbook: References: Tall Building Structures - Analysis and Design, B. Stafford Smith and A. Coull, John Wiley & Sons. Coursework: Tutorial: held during lectures when time is available. The students are required to hand in a coursework assignment. Assessment: Type Percentage of Total (%) Description Written examination 80% Open Book Coursework 20% _________________________________________________________________________________________ Department of Civil Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG 1...
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