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civl6060 - monitoring systems and forensic engineering...

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Postgraduate Curriculum _________________________________________________________________________________________ Course Title: Operation and maintenance of building and civil engineering works Course Code: CIVL6060 Lecturer(s): Mr. D. Feast / Prof. K.L. Lo / Prof. H.K. Ng / Prof. S.H. Ng / Dr. H.W. Pang Year: 2005-06 Level: M.Sc. Lecture Hours: 32.5 hours Tutorial Hours: Laboratory Hours: Examination Hours: 2 hours Other Hours: - Pre-requisite: Co-requisite: Course Objectives To provide useful knowledge and insights into the principles and practice of the ‘operation and maintenance’ of both building and civil engineering works. Course Syllabus Calendar Entry Policies, principles and practices in operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings and civil engineering infrastructure such as: bridges, roadworks, marine and port works, water supply systems and sewerage schemes; and including aspects of: inspection, appraisal, materials, repair methods,
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Unformatted text preview: monitoring systems and forensic engineering. Course Contents Control of safety of existing buildings under the Buildings Ordinance 2.5 hours Structural evaluation of existing buildings 2.5 hours Preventive maintenance scheme for private buildings 5.0 hours Forensic engineering 5.0 hours Maintenance and repair of public buildings 5.0 hours Life cycle costing, budgeting and organization structure for maintenance works 5.0 hours Maintenance of roadworks, bridges, water supply works and sewerage schemes 7.5 hours Textbook: References: Coursework: Assignment. Assessment: Type Percentage of Total (%) Description Written examination 80% Open Book Coursework 20% __________________________________________________________________________________________ Department of Civil Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG 1...
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