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Unformatted text preview: Activity Diagrams Dan Fleck Com up: Activity Diagram ing Activity Diagram Supplements the use-case Supplements by providing a diagrammatic representation of procedural flow flow Details: -Start is a single circle -End is a bulls-eye -Decisions are diamonds Decisions (guards must be on both branches of the diamond!) branches Questions: Do we always have a start? Do we always have an end? How might we make this How better? better? Coming up: Swim lane Diagrams Swimlane Diagrams Allows the modeler to Allows represent the flow of activities described by the use-case and at the same time indicate which actor (if there are multiple actors involved in a specific use-case) or analysis class has responsibility for the action described by an activity rectangle activity Coming up: Activity Diagram Exam ple Activity Diagram Example - To show concurrent activity, activity diagrams allow branches and joins. - Fork/Branc h You can also reference or include other activity diagrams Join Coming up: Lets Try It Lets Try It Lets create a swimlane activity diagram for opening a Lemonade stand. Let’s create a swimlane diagram to apply for and get a job when you graduate. Software that translates voice commands into user input (for whatever OS you use) Let’s create a swimlane diagram for withdrawing money from an ATM. – Nope – this is essentially the homework for next week! End of presentation ...
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