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Online Bookstore Class Diagram

Online Bookstore Class Diagram - We-Grow Supply Company The...

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We-Grow Supply Company The We-Grow Supply company is a farm supply company that buys, stores, and sells feed, seed, fertilizer, and pesticide. To be competitive, they need to automate their system for planning purchases, tracking inventory, pricing, and handling sales. The company has 400 retail stores spread throughout the region. The company hopes to open more stores in the future. Each inventory item has a description and Stock-Item Classification (SIC). Each SIC consists of a code and a description. An industry standard establishes the accepted SIC codes and their descriptions. To aid in planning purchases and pricing, the company needs to track sales statistics on a per store basis. The information should be detailed enough to identify seasonal trends and predict overstocks and shortages. All sales statistics, including inventory item, quantity, date of purchase, need to be sent to the purchasers in main office on a daily basis.
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