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Use Case Example - resume later 3.1.Teacher selects...

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Report Card System Use Case Description Use case name and identifier : U1 - Record Grades Objective: The teacher is able to record the grades for each student registered in a single course Priority: High Source : John Smith (end user) Actors : Teacher Flow of Events 1. Basic Flow 1. Teacher selects a course 2. Teacher is validated for that course 3. Teacher selects a student 4. Teacher enters or updates student’s grade 5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all students are entered 6. Teacher executes U2 – Save grades 7. Teacher marks course as completed to allow grade processing to begin 2. Alternative Flow 1: At step 2 teacher is not the registered teacher for the course. 2.1. An error message is displayed telling the teacher they are not the registered teacher for the course 2.2.Teacher is requested to select another course or exit 3. Alternative Flow 2: During the process of entering student grades the teacher decides to stop entering students to
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Unformatted text preview: resume later 3.1.Teacher selects Continue Later option 3.2.System closes the course without releasing it for grade processing 4. Exception Flows: -Database is locked due to backup in progress. Teacher is automatically logged out of the system with an appropriate warning message. Includes (other use case IDs): U2 - Save Grades Preconditions : Teacher is successfully logged into the system. Post conditions: Grades for each student in the class have been added and course grade processing can begin. Notes/Issues- Any relevant notes or issues that need to be resolved Special Requirements: 1. All grades must be between 1-4. 2. System must automatically save data every 2 minutes 3. System must automatically timeout after 5 minutes of idle time 4. System must audit and log all actions by the teacher with date, time, action, and login ID....
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Use Case Example - resume later 3.1.Teacher selects...

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