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Jordan Evans 4.4 2 reasons sicial policy gifts and inheritance reasons of incentive foreign earned income 4.10 a b yes because it is covering living expenses c no d Yes it is exculded 4.15 a 132(b) no additional cost c) qualified employee discounts (d) working conditions (e) de minimis (f) qualified transportation (j)(4) recreation and athletic facilities b they may be excluded from gross income c d yes e employer pay a penalty 4.16 a scholarship is an amount paid or allowed to a
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Unformatted text preview: student whether an undergraduate or graduate to aid degree-seeking individuals all are available to employees, only 3 are available to spouses dependents and retirees sec 104(a)(3) excludes from gross income ammounts collected under an accident or health insurance policy purchased by the taxpayer, even if the benefits are substitute for lost income...
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