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IT HW ch9 - 9.4 A Subject to 2 floor B Subject to 2 floor C...

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Jordan Evans 9.1 why does employee or self-employed matter? self-employed deductions are FOR agi employees can either deduct FOR or FROM agi 9.3 for, from, or nondeductible A. Nondeductible because it was reimbursed… 50% applied if unreimbursed B. FOR C. FROM D. FROM E. FROM F. FOR G. FROM and 2% floor if education relared expenses… FOR if declared tuition and fees
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Unformatted text preview: 9.4 A. Subject to 2% floor B. Subject to 2% floor C. Subject to 2% floor D. Not subject E. Not subject F. Subject to 2% floor G. Not subject H. Subject to 2% floor 9.14 the time requirement test ensures that taxpayers cannot use temporary jobs a a pretext for deducting the cost of moving for personal reasons...
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