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HW#9 The Principle of the Double Effect HW #9: THE PRINCIPLE OF THE DOUBLE EFFECT (02/17/12 for 02/21/12) CHCE, 2nd Ed., Ch. 3, Selected Moral Principles, D: Double Effect, pp. 23-26 Q1: The Principle of Double Effect (PDE) justifies some good actions that have both a good and intended effect as well as a bad effect that may be foreseen but is not intended. Q2: Although sterilization in itself is not a good thing, removing the cancerous uterus from a pregnant woman to spare her from death from cancer can be morally justified even though the woman will be sterile and the unborn child will be dead. Q3: Although people speak casually about “saving the patient,” medical practitioners are not super-heroes who snatch hapless individuals from the jaws of death. The surgeon who removes a cancerous uterus removes life-threatening tissue, which, if removed in a timely way, may allow the patient to live or, if not removed in a timely way, may see the patient die . Q4: The PDE sets a series of
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