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HW1B The Human Persson in Medical Ethics HW 1B THE HUMAN PERSON IN MEDICAL ETHICS (01/20/11 for 01/25/11) Read CHCE, 2nd Ed., Ch. 1: The Human Person (Moraczewski) pp. 3-8 Fill in the missing word(s). Q1: In Catholic health care, the individual person is very highly esteemed because God __created__ that person in the __image__ of God. Q2: The human person consists of two co-principles of being, namely, of a principle of actuality or form and of a principle of potency or matter, which are usually called _components__. Q3: Contrary to the Cartesian metaphysics, the human being is not a temporary joining of two separate and unmixable substances, namely, of _mind and body_. Q4: The human being is a unified composite of body and soul that allows sensory stimulation of
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Unformatted text preview: the body to be understood by __intelligence__, while commands of intellect and will can move the human __body__. Q5: God created man in His own image (Gen 1:27), i.e., with a _immortal_ soul possessing intellect & will. Q6: This creation in the image of God is the foundation of human dignity and the basis of support of the basic principles of medical _practice__. Q7: Since life is a gift from God, it is the __creator__ that properly gives it and takes it back, and it is __not__ man’s to give and take. Q8: Life, not being the right or property of the living person, is not his/her’s to take but to cherish, nurture, and safeguard. Hence Catholic ethics forbids __abortion__....
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