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Aristotle 59 - 63 - Aristotle 59-63 Wednesday 10:16 PM...

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Aristotle 59-63 Wednesday, September 21, 2011 10:16 PM Aristotle believed that humanity had a function juts as doctors had the function to cure the sick, or the function of a ruler to govern society well, or the function of a knife to cut well, it was the function of humans to use reason in pursuit of the good life (eudaimnoia) Contrary to ethics for contemporary individuals whose focus is mainly a matter of right and wrong actions, Aristotle believed that ethics referred primarily to virtue ( arete) and character. Ethical people are those who are essentially happy, because the moral person exhibits excellence in the way he or she thinks and feels as well as acts. One and only criterion for moral rightness is good character. If you genuinely mean well and act out of moral rightness, you will be a happy person. Goal of ethics is to produce good citizens. Only the good state can produce good and happy people, and good people along with good laws are necessary for a well-governed state.
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