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Augustine 72 Sunday, October 09, 2011 3:37 PM Augustine believed that not reason but faith is the way to truth. "unless you believe you shall not understand" Faith Seeking understanding (fides querens intellectum) Augustine rejects Socrates' theory that immorality is a function of ignorance, for nobody would rationally choose evil over good since the good was good for you. Augustine believed that will was the essence of human nature. Evil - the absence of good; Existence is good (since it was created by God), therefore things with no substance is evil ex. A wound or disease does not exist once the cure comes. Epicurus' classic puzzle: If God is willing to prevent evil and suffering but is unable to, then He is not omnipotent and hence, not worthy of worship. If God is able to prevent evil and suffering but unwilling, then He is not all good and still unworthy of worship. Answer: Free will is a good, necessar for doing good, but as such, it can be directed to evil. It is not God's fault that humans sinned and that, consequently, moral evil exists; but God does
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