Dualism materialism

Dualism materialism - Dualism/Materialism 225-246...

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Dualism/Materialism 225-246 Wednesday, November 30, 2011 9:50 PM Dualistic Interaction - body and the mind are different substances that casually interact on each other. Ex. Steeping on a nail causes brain state which causes metal state (feeling pain) which in turn causes us (via a brain state) to decide to move our foot which in turn brings relief from the pain as well as the intention to get a bandage for the wound, leading to the third brain state. Epiphenomenalism - The body affects the mind, causing mental events, but the mind does not affect the body. Panpsychism - everything in nature has a mind or a soul (a correlate to pantheism, which holds that everything is God or contains God). Materialism - Theory that matter and the law of physcis constitute ultimate reality. Versions of materialism: Metaphysical behaviorism - denies mental events or their importance in understanding behavior Reductive materialism - attempts to find a one-to-one correlation between mental states and brain states and identifies the former with the latter. Beliefs, pains, and desires are mental
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Dualism materialism - Dualism/Materialism 225-246...

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