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Free Will 250-258 Wednesday, November 30, 2011 10:20 PM Determinist believe the Causal thesis, that every act and event in the universe is caused by antecedent events. Libertarianism is the theory that we do have free wills. It contends that given the same prior conditions, an agent could do either act 1 or act 2. Deliberation - every human being is free to make the choices he does and that the deliberations leading to those choices are free flowing Determinists believe that deliberation is the product of antecedent causes. Ex. " I feel myself free, therefore, I am free" Libertarianist - The person will experience a feeling of self-assertion and of independence Determinist- this feeling is nothing but a sense of relief following upon earlier tension and indecision
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Unformatted text preview: Determinists believe that action is the result of the strongest motive Motivation = belief + desire Wants and beliefs are not under our direct control, are not products of free choice, and the act is a product of desires and beliefs, the act is not a product of free choice 1. If determinism is true and our actions are merely the product of the laws of nature and antecedent states of affairs, then it is not up to us to choose what we do 2. But if it is not up to us to choose what we do, we cannot be said to be responsible for what we do 3. So if determinism is true, we are not responsible for what we do 4. But our belief in moral responsibility is self-evident 5. So if we believe that we have moral responsibilities, determinism cannot be accepted. 1....
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