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Sartre 193-201 Saturday, November 19, 2011 9:56 PM "we are condemned to freedom" - Sartre The essence (idea) precedes the existence. You imagine the idea of a dream house, and then you set out to build it. Traditionally, this is how humans have view the relation between essence and existence. There was a God who had an idea of man and woman and who created them in his image. They, like the house, had a definite nature and a purpose. For the atheist (Sartre), we have no purpose with a definite nature. We find ourselves conscious beings without definite nature or purpose but completely free to determine our nature. We must create our essence. We realize as we mature that there is no God, no essence, no absolute place in the universe for us. We are free to create our own essence, we are condemned to absolute freedom. Morality is a function of our freedom. Ex. During WWII, a student asked Sartre if he should fight for his country by going to England, or if he should stay home and care for his ailing mother. He asked what morality required of him.
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