Lab # 8 Iodine with Thiosulfate

Lab # 8 Iodine with Thiosulfate - adding KI too soon might...

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Matthew Li CHE 1110L Lab # 10 The Reaction of Iodine with Thiosulfate November 12, 2011 Locker # 358 Post Lab Questions
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1. What is the purpose of adding starch to this solution? We added starch to the solution because when titrating, the color fades so gradually that the endpoint is almost impossible to detect; starch allows the solution to show a sharp endpoint as iodine molecules become adsorbed on the surface of starch molecules to give an intensel blue complex. 2. In the titration procedure part 1 the instructions tell you to rinse off the stirring rod used to break up crystals. How would your results be affected if you did not do this? In part 2
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Unformatted text preview: adding KI too soon might result in the loss of I2 by evaporation. How would this affect your answers? Not rinsing off the stirring rod will allow for an easier contamination of the sample, resulting in different numbers for the amount of titrant required to reach the endpoint. Adding KI too soon would cause the I2 to evaporate, causing the number of milliters used to titrate the sample to be relatively low. 3. For all measurements provide an estimate of the uncertainty involved. Estimate the overall uncertainty of your results....
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Lab # 8 Iodine with Thiosulfate - adding KI too soon might...

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