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wfcreate (wf=whatever) m 1982:4 2010:1 read foodRetail.csv date turnover smpl 1982:4 2010:12 genr y= log(turnover) graph fig1.line turnover graph fig2.line y genr [email protected](1982:4) genr time2=time*time genr time3=time*time2 genr [email protected](1) genr [email protected](2) genr [email protected](3) genr [email protected](4) genr [email protected](5) genr [email protected](6) genr [email protected](7) genr [email protected](8) genr [email protected](9) genr [email protected](10) genr [email protected](11) genr [email protected](12) 'subsample for modelling smpl 1982:4 2008:12 vector(3) sic1 vector(3) aic1 equation y c time sic1(1)[email protected] aic1(1)[email protected] equation y c time time2 sic1(2)[email protected] aic1(2)[email protected] equation y c time time2 time3 sic1(3)[email protected] aic1(3)[email protected] 'preferred trend is quadratic equation y time time2 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11 D12 genr x=resid matrix(3,7) aic matrix(3,7) sic ls x c aic(1,1)[email protected] sic(1,1)[email protected] ls x c ar(1) aic(1,2)[email protected] sic(1,2)[email protected] ls x c ar(1) ar(2) aic(1,3)[email protected] sic(1,3)[email protected] ls x c ar(1) ar(2) ar(3)
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