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1 Unit 2 Assignment: Unit 2 Assignment: Cold War Era Kym Reeder Kaplan University SS310-22 Professor Maureen Green April 28, 2011 Historical and Political Conditions: The cold war began as a result of building conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States. However during the peace-time conferences the conflict intensified. When Truman declared the Truman Doctrine “it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure” (Truman 1947) launched the Marshall plan in 1947 (a proposal to rebuild Europe in the interest of political stability and a healthy world economy) the Soviet Union was outraged. In response the United Nations spokesman for the Soviet Union declared “This policy conflicts sharply with the principles expressed by the general assembly in its resolution of Dec. 11, 1946, which declares that relief supplies should at no time be used as a political weapon” (Vyshinsky, A., 1947). The
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2 Soviet Union saw this doctrine as a way for the United States to gain economic and political control of European countries (in essence to make them non-communist). The Soviet Union had already gained communist control in Eastern Europe prior to the end of WWII, and in their eyes the Truman Doctrine was trespassing in the territory they wanted to expand communism into. Regardless of the Soviet Union’s outrage armed with the Marshall Plan and North Atlantic Treaty
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KymReeder_SS310_Unit_2_Assignment - 1 Unit 2 Assignment:...

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