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Quiz public relations - Quiz - Public Relations Attempt: 1...

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Quiz - Public Relations Attempt: 1 / 2 Out of: 100 Started: December 8, 2010 12:47pm Finished: December 8, 2010 1:26pm Time spent: 39 min. 20 sec. Student finished 20 min. 40 sec. ahead of the 60 min. time limit. Question 1 (5 points) An event created solely for the purposes of public relations to gain favorable notice for an organization is a ________. Student Response a. pseudo-event b. hoax c. propaganda d. publicity Score: 5 / 5 Question 2 (5 points) Bob is a server at a local restaurant. Each day before his shift, all of the servers and the manager meet to discuss what each server needs to do and the customer service standards of the restaurant. The meeting Bob attends is an example of a. propaganda. b. publicity. c. external PR. Student Response d. internal PR.
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Score: 5 / 5 Question 3 (5 points) What has transformed the PR industry by allowing direct contact between PR professionals and publics? a. radio Student Response b. technology c. television d. media kits Score: 5 / 5 Question 4 (5 points) A 2005 survey of public relations practitioners ranked key concerns for public relations firms. The concern that topped the list was a. economic globalization. b.
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Quiz public relations - Quiz - Public Relations Attempt: 1...

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