Quiz movie - Quiz-Movies Question 1 (5 points) During the...

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Quiz-Movies Question 1 (5 points) During the 1930s and 1940s, a few studios controlled the movie industry. This is called a(n) a. duopoly. b. dominated industry. Student Response c. oligopoly. d. monopoly. Score: 5 / 5 Question 2 (5 points) Movies were not ________ until 1952. a. vertically integrated b. free from oligopolies Student Response c. protected by the First Amendment d. using block booking Score: 5 / 5 Question 3 (5 points) The star system used in 1930s Hollywood was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT Student Response a. stars chose which characters they played b. audiences chose which movies they watched based on the stars that were in them c. formulaic casting d. stars were viewed in a wholesome but glamorous light Score: 5 / 5
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Question 4 (5 points) After September 11th, which type of movies enjoyed unprecedented international popularity and financial success? a. action movies b. historic war epics Student Response c. political documentaries d. international drama Score: 5 / 5 Question 5 (5 points) The fascination with motion pictures can be traced back to Student Response a. ancient Greek and Arab civilizations b. the European Renaissance c. mid-1800s d. silent films Score: 5 / 5 Question 6 (5 points)
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Quiz movie - Quiz-Movies Question 1 (5 points) During the...

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