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lab2fall11 - CSE 2320 Lab Assignment 2 Due Goals 1...

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CSE 2320 Lab Assignment 2 Due October 21, 2011 Goals: 1. Understanding of heaps. 2. Understanding of merging. Requirements: 1. Write a C program to take n files containing strings in ascending order (no duplicates within a file) and produce a file out.dat containing a line for each string in ascending order. Even if a string str appears in multiple files, it should be output only once and, for each string, you should also output the number of files ( k ) containing the string. This should be done using code similar to: fprintf(outfp,"%s %d\n",str,k); 2. Send your program (as an attachment) to [email protected] by 9:45 am on October 21. The Subject should be your name as recorded by the University and you should cc: yourself to verify that you sent the message correctly. One of the comment lines should indicate the compilation command used on OMEGA. Getting Started: 1. Your program is to perform only one “heap assisted” merge of all n files simultaneously. At any time, there should be no more than one string from each of the input files being processed by your code.
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