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CSE 2320 Lab Assignment 3 Due November 14, 2011 Goal: 1. Understanding of dynamic programming. 2. Understanding of subset sums. Requirements: 1. Design, code, and test a C program that uses dynamic programming to separate (if possible) a sequence of n positive integers into three subsequences such that the sum of each subsequence is the same. For example, if the input were (10, 20, 30, 40, 40, 50, 80), with a total of m = 270, the three m /3 = 90 subsequences could be (10, 80), (20, 30, 40), and (40, 50). If the input were (20, 20, 30, 50), then no solution is possible even though the values yield a sum ( m = 120) divisible by 3 ( m /3 = 40). The input should be read from standard input (which will be one of 1. keyboard typing, 2. a shell redirect (<) from a file, or 3. cut-and-paste. Do NOT prompt for a file name!). The first line of the input is n , the length of the sequence. Each of the remaining lines will include one sequence value. Your program should echo the input sequence in all cases.
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